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What is Doug Emhoff’s net worth? Second Gentleman wears an all-black outfit to walk around

Vice President Kamala Harris and First Gentleman Doug Emhoff have chosen to spend the New Year away from the hustle and bustle of Washington DC, instead of returning to their Brentwood, California home. On January 1, Emhoff was pictured walking around town, with a huge entourage. No less than 14 secret service agents and three police officers accompanied Emhoff, not to mention the six cars.

But that’s not what caught some people’s attention. Instead, a few chose to focus on Emhoff’s simple outfit for the walk. Despite being worth a few million and currently the very first Second Gentleman in the United States, Emhoff went for an all-black look of a hoodie and sweatshirt, completed with a pair of Nike’s. . Affectionately referred to as ‘Second Dude’, we wondered if Emoff would ever become the fashion icon that other White House brides like Michelle Obama have, and it looks like we might have an answer after all. .


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Emhoff’s outfit didn’t really break the net, but it got a few people talking. It’s a stark contrast to his usually well-cut (and no doubt very expensive) costumes we’ve seen him in. This made us wonder – what exactly is it worth? So we decided to dig.

What is Doug Emhoff’s net worth?

As we revealed in April 2020, Harris and Emhoff have a combined net worth of over $ 6 million, including assets such as their Brentwood home and homes in Washington DC and San Francisco. From public disclosures we know Harris alone is worth over $ 1.7 million, so does that mean Emhoff is worth almost $ 5 million? It certainly appears to be the case, as Forbes noted in 2020, he “generated more than three-quarters of the couple’s income.”

According to IBTimes, Emhoff made $ 1.5 million from his stake in DLA Piper and Venable LLP in 2018, which jumped to $ 2.8 million in 2019. Most reports indicate that much of the Emhoff’s net worth is linked to DLA Piper where he worked before Harris being appointed vice president. He left the cabinet in November 2020, when it was confirmed that Joe Biden and Harris won the 2020 presidential election. Bloomberg said he also had an additional $ 250,000 to $ 500,000 in a capital account at Venable. , where he was a partner before DLA Piper. Beyond that, Emhoff also “holds small amounts of a handful of industry funds” well below the $ 50,000 threshold.

It is not yet clear where the Second Gentleman gets his money from. Unlike Harris or the President, the money trail for Emhoff is not so clear. One thing we are sure of is that he paid $ 2.8 million for the couple’s house in Brentwood, which he bought in 2012. The other houses were purchased jointly with Harris. Since he was not elected to this position, we may never really know what Emhoff’s real net worth is, or where his money is coming from. Any estimate should be based on Harris’ disclosures.

But for someone worth at least $ 5million, it seems pretty impressive that they go for a simple hoodie and Nikes as we’ve seen other celebrities sport some really crazy looks, even for the walks. .

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