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Willy Woo Net Worth – How Rich Is The On-Chain Crypto Analyst?

Predicting the price of cryptocurrencies can only be achieved with thorough research. That’s the job of on-chain analyst Willy Woo. He has an impressive following on social media and ran a popular Bitcoin newsletter for those who wanted to gain an edge in the market. As of 2022, Willy Woo has an estimated net worth of $10 million.


Woo was born in Hong Kong. However, he has yet to share his exact date of birth. His family moved to New Zealand when he was still a young boy.

He did his primary and higher education there. He then moved to Canada and developed an interest in tech startups. Willy became a technology entrepreneur and developed mobile applications.

On several occasions, he returned to Hong Kong for professional reasons. Woo then became a stock trader and tried his hand at gold during the 2008 financial crisis after leaving several of his companies.

Introduction to Cryptography

Willy Woo discovered Bitcoin through a colleague in 2013 while working on a new project. He studied cryptography and compared it to digital gold. Shortly after, he buys his first pieces.

In 2014, he observed a thriving Bitcoin community, which prompted him to dig deeper into the future of the technology. He eventually became a bitcoin blockchain expert. This means that he understands how to analyze data from a blockchain ledger to determine market sentiment. He is a pioneer of on-chain analysis and inspired Will Clemente.

Then he established a reputation as an online writer covering more technical crypto-related content. He has worked with major media, such as CoinDesk and Forbes. This is how he gained strong popularity on social networks.

Other lawsuits

In 2016, Willy was a full-time researcher on the channel. He’s gotten a lot of attention on Twitter, where he shares free market information. He currently has 1 million followers on the social networking site.

He also launched a website and blog called It is centered around crypto investments and Woo showcases his research and infographics there. There is also his Substack newsletter, The Bitcoin Forecast. It aimed to help readers better understand the complex crypto industry. Unfortunately, the newsletter ended in May 2022.

Woo has made several accurate predictions and many trust his expertise. He thinks the future Bitcoin price will reach $80,000 and $120,000 in the future. This seems unlikely to happen with Bitcoin’s price falling due to higher interest rates and a decline in money printing in the United States.

Net worth and earnings

As one of the most famous voices in the crypto space, Woo surely earns a lot as an analyst. His fame on social media has led him to have one of the most popular newsletters on Substack. Because he was paid, he got a substantial amount out of it.

He holds a significant portion of his wealth in digital assets, with Bitcoin being his main holding. However, the market expert has yet to reveal his entire crypto portfolio. Still, Willy Woo’s net worth is believed to be $10 million.

Private life

Woo and his online presence are solely due to his work as an analyst. He never talked much about his personal affairs. The Hong Kong native has revealed in interviews that he has a child and is married, but keeps his family life private.