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Who is Amber Luke? Age, Instagram, Net worth and more!

Who is Amber Luke? Age, Instagram, Net worth and more: A tattoo enthusiast shares her experience of her body transformation, which amazes readers and followers. If you look at her photos you will see that she has tattoos all over her body and looks like a tattoo artist. Her name is Amber Luke is splashed the most amount on her body. She spent almost $ 190,000. In the article below, you will learn more about her in detail, so stick with us. Follow more update on

Who is Amber Luke?

She is 26 and loves to get a tattoo and it can be seen in her photos on Instagram. 99% of her body was covered in tattoos, although she also injected blue ink into her eyeballs. After that, she couldn’t see anything and was blind for almost three weeks. In his photos, we can clearly see his transformation into a boy. She has tattoos all over her body. Her features are so crisp and she looks super cute. She does a lot to modify herself and there is extreme modification of her body.

Amber Luke: Age, Instagram and Net worth

These are some of the changes to parts of her body, such as her split tongue, her earlobes also stretched out, and she has even had cosmetic surgeries, a Brazilian facelift, and breast implants. She said of him herself: “I don’t regret any of those tattoos on my body. Even I love myself for what I love and how I look. It makes me different from others and that’s what I always wanted to look like.

Amber Luke Biography

She has 600 tattoos on her body and she even described herself as a “white dragon with blue eyes”. She even created her account on Onlyfans and she sells her photos. After which she is in a profit and she liked to be like that. She even says that “I never wanted to work nine hours because it’s not me. So OnlyFans is the best option and I take advantage too.

She is now able to give herself the stability of earning $ 307,660 in just two years. She also has piercings near her eyes and on her cheeks as well. You can visit her Instagram and you can see her transformation photos there. Stay tuned to our site for world news and more updates on the same.