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What is WWE legend Paul Heyman’s net worth in 2022?

Paul Heyman is an important figure, not only in WWE but also in wrestling. It’s been around for decades and has an eye for talent.


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He was the founder of ECW and ran it as a direct competitor to WWE until Vince bought it out. However, Paul worked for WWE as a commentator and then as a manager.


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Heyman started managing Brock in 2002 for a short time, then worked as General Manager of SmackDown. But later, he took a break from the business and worked in development in Ohio.

But he made a comeback to TV announcing ECW One-Night Stand and becoming the show’s leader. The event was a huge success, but some disparities arose between Vince and Heyman, due to which the latter parted ways with WWE.

In 2012, Paul returned to WWE as Brock Lesnar’s attorney, and the rest is history as we know it. Now, Heyman has taken on a more creative role behind the scenes as an executive producer for RAW.

How much is Paul Heyman worth?

Being so crucial to WWE, Heyman undoubtedly makes a lot of money. According to Celeb Worth, Heyman’s net worth as of 2022 is $15 million. He made most of his fortune from wrestling and his side business in broadcasting, production, etc.

His salary is rumored to be $2 million with WWE. However, this is not his only source of income, as Paul also owns a New York-based agency.

He has won awards and worked with EA, THQ video games, 2K sports and the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas.

He has also acted in films and acted as a sports presenter in Rollerball. Heyman also starred as Gino in the film adaptation of Tony ‘n’ Tina’s Wedding.

Paul also worked at a radio station as a photographer and writer for Pro Wrestling Illustrated. He also managed wrestlers in the 80s and started his wrestling promotions.

He made quite a bit of money working for WCW and then starting ECW, which was a big hit. Heyman ran the Continental Wrestling Federation and WCW in the 80s and 90s.

Heyman moved on to Extreme Championship Wrestling. After WWE acquired ECW, he became a broadcaster/commentator for WWE and earned part of the sale of his former company.


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The former commentator also worked with Brock Lesnar on his autobiography, “Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination, and Survival.”

The personal life of Paul Heyman

On September 11, 1965, Heyman was born in Westchester County, New York to Sulamita and Richard S. Heyman. Richard was a personal injury lawyer and World War II veteran. Her mother was a Holocaust survivor.

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No other information is available about his parents.


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Paul was married to Marla Heyman for a few years, but they are now divorced for unknown reasons. They have two children together: Azalea Heyman, born in 2002, and Jacob Heyman, born two years later in 2004.


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The former ECW owner keeps his personal life very private. It is unknown if his children will join him in WWE in the future.