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What is Lisa Hochstein’s net worth?

Lisa Hochstein / YouTube

“My husband built the perfect woman, and I built the perfect life,” is his slogan on Bravo TV. The real housewives of Miami, But if you’re not a longtime series fan, you might be wondering who exactly claims to be this Playboy model.

First introduced in the first season of Miami, Lisa Hochstein is a self-proclaimed activist, fitness guru, fashionista and beauty expert. Although born in Toronto, Canada, she married Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Leonard Hochstein – aptly dubbed the “god of breasts” – before becoming a housewife in the lucrative series.

Now that season four begins on Peacock – eight years after the end of season three fans can catch up with Lisa and see the lucrative lifestyle she now leads. As the season four teaser showed some aspects of Lisa’s glamorous life, fans wonder just how rich she is.

As a former Playboy model turned actress, housewife and entrepreneur, Lisa also owns the Hochstein MedSpa alongside her husband, who currently values ​​his net worth at $ 30 million, according to the Celebrity Net Worth website.

To his wealth are added the income of both Real housewives, where Lisa is believed to be paid up to $ 75,000 per season, combined with her husband’s previous reality show slice of miami earnings as well as his work as a plastic surgeon in Miami. It’s no wonder Lisa’s net worth is so high.

After all the lavish gifts and lovely vacations she’s taken both on and off screen, it’s not unreasonable to feel slightly jealous. Since the last opus of the Housewife franchise, Lisa Hochstein takes the title of richest wife in Miami while settling somewhere in the top 10 of all housewives.

The real housewives of Miami is currently streaming on Peacock.