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What is Aries Spears net worth? Fortune explored as comedian mocks Lizzo for being overweight

Hot on the heels of Kathy Hilton mistaking Lizzo for “Precious,” Aries Spears is now in the news to poke fun at Lizzo’s weight. During his interview on the recent episode of The art of dialog, the 47-year-old mocked Lizzo for being overweight. Aries then compared the Grrrls mashed potato singer. When asked if he thought the Grammy Award winner was a good songwriter or not, he replied:

“I can’t get over the fact that she looks like the poop emoji.”

However, Lizzo was quick to applaud the American comedian during the VMAs, when she won an award for her song, About fucking time. During her acceptance speech, she commented on Aries Sparks’ snide remarks and said:

“They’re like, ‘Lizzo, why don’t you clap?’ ‘Cause bitch I win, h** Big winning female dogs, h** The best revenge is your paper.

What is Aries Spears’ main source of income? Comedian’s net worth explored

Aries Spears, known for his stand-up comedy, was quick to make nasty comments about award-winning singer, Lizzo. However, many netizens were curious about the net worth of the actor and comedian, as it is common knowledge that Spears is the second longest-serving comedian on the Fox sketch show. MADtv. Aries Spears has been in the entertainment industry for a long time and it has helped him increase his net worth. As of 2022, his net worth is $4 million.

Born in 1975 in Chicago, Illinois, to jazz singer Doris Spears, the actor moved to New York. Growing up in New Jersey, Spears got her first comedy gig doing impressions at the Upton Comedy Club in Harlem. He then continued with stand-up comedy and ventured into acting when he first appeared on Def Comedy Jam with Russell Simmons.

He has also appeared in various other shows and movies like Malcolm X, South of the Sunset, the House of Angels, and Jerry McGuire. He was also part of the famous madtv.

His main income represents the stand-up shows he often does. Additionally, Aries earned a good chunk of the fortune from his stint on the popular sketch comedy show. madtv. Spears was a regular on the sketch comedy series. He was the second longest serving cast member on the show, appearing in 198 episodes.

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As for his personal life, he was married to Elisa Larregui, but the couple divorced 2 years after their marriage.

Aries Spears and his fiasco with Lizzo

American comedian Aries Spears has been slammed online for making cruel comments about Lizzo’s appearance. However, netizens were quick to slam the comedian for the unsavory remarks he made about the Grammy Award winner.

Commenting on his appearance, he also said:

“She has a very pretty face, but she keeps showing off her body. Come on man.”

However, he also agreed that he too was not in the perfect shape and size. However, Internet users still criticized the comedian for his ruthless remarks. One social media user commented:

“I’m appalled at the lack of self-awareness. He breathes hard sitting up. Lizzo is in great shape as a performer. She twerks, sings, dances and plays an instrument all at the same time. Aries throws a big sound **like a cold air intake just sitting down.”

I am appalled at the lack of self-awareness. He breathes heavily sitting down. Lizzo is in great shape as a performer. She twerks, sings, dances and plays an instrument at the same time. Aries throws big ass sounds like a cold air intake just by sitting down…

Meanwhile, Lizzo clapped back at Aries and proclaimed that her awards are enough to slam people who trolled her over her looks and weight.

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