Net worth

Ryan Garcia’s net worth: The American boxer’s fortune and earnings in the ring

Ryan Garcia is a 23-year-old professional boxer Victorville, California.

He made his professional debut at the age of 17, when he was 15 times national championdisplaying an impressive 215-15 record as an amateur.

He is undefeated in his career, with a 19-fight winning streak, while ending 16 of them by knockout.

Garcia is currently under contract with Golden Boy Specialswho in 2019 said it was one of the most lucrative deals in history for a boxing prospect like him.

Oscar De La Hoya revealed he intended to help Ryan sign an unprecedented deal $700 million contract in the future, as he believed he could become “the biggest boxing star ever”.

That would almost double what golden boy help negotiate Canelo Alvarezwho got a $365 million contract for only 10 fights.

Ryan Garcia’s next fight?

“King” Garcia will return to the ring this Saturday July 16 when he faces Javier Fortuneto Arena in Los Angeles, California.

Tickets for this fight had a price range between $26 and $485 per seat, depending on the chosen section of the venue.

He is the clear favorite for these fights, with the casino placing their odds at -650which means you will have to bet $650 towards Garcia winning the victory, to make a $100 profit.

What is Ryan Garcia’s net worth?

Several reports put his net worth at $10 million dollars.

While it’s not entirely clear how they reached this amount, there are other numbers we can take into consideration.

Garcia has finished 8.9 million subscribers on instagram alone, thus his name, image and likeness are well established, giving him the opportunity to profit from his game on social networks.

It was reported that he managed to receive a $500,000 purse golden boythis came after he apparently received this amount after his fight with Romero Duno. Garcia only needed to be paid $250,000 but according to Forbes, he had felt disrespected.