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Natanael Cano’s fortune: how much does the young Mexican rapper earn?

Jhe still young career of Natanael Cano positioned the Mexican singer and songwriter as one of the figures of the current music scene thanks to the concept he himself created, the “corridos tumbados”, thanks to which he obtained in a short time a significant net worth.

The singer, born in Hermosillo, Sonora, showed his taste for music from an early age and at the age of 17 he began his career in the United States, where he currently resides, with the Rancho Humilde Record Labelbased in Los Angeles.

How was born Corridos Tumbados by Natanael Cano?

Although in his early days Cano sang music of the genre known as “corridos”, he gradually merged regional music with Trap and hip-hopresulting in a new musical genre which was called at the time ‘regional urban‘.

However, after releasing his first solo album Corridos Tumbados in 2019, the name of the album was used to call the musical genre that Cano leads, in addition to immediately gaining enormous fame.

Consolidation of the music of Natanael Cano

With his second album, Mi Nuevo Yohis music put him at the top of the music charts in Mexico and attracted the interest of artists such as bad bunnywith whom he collaborated for the remix of his song be the devil.

In 2020, he released four albums: Corridos Tumbados Vol. 2, Trap Tumbado, Soy El Nata and Las 3 Torresgain recognition and stand out in the Scoreboardswhich allowed him to be invited to shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Moreover, on his Youtube channelCano has about 18.52 million views every month, which is another huge source of income for him.

Natanael Cano Net Worth

According to sources like Net Worth Spot, Net worth of Natanael Cano in 2022 is $4.9 million.