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Mr. Faisu Net Worth – Income, Girlfriend and More!

With an income of Rs 10,000 to date, a million dollar owner, Faisal Shaikh’s journey to Mr. Faisu internet sensation has not been easy for Faisu. Faisal Shaikh is considered one of the best tik-tok stars in India with a huge fanbase among the younger generation. The dashing internet sensation had taken the Tik tok world by storm, with its popularity and charm, so much so that today, Faisu is one of the richest social media influencers in India.

Net worth of Mr. Faisu

Fashion blogger, actor, influencer and model, Faisal is a man of many talents, and so lives a possibly luxurious life now. From his marquee car collection to his earnings, it’ll blow your mind, here’s everything we know about him! The 27-year-old is said to have a net worth of over $2 million which started his success story with his hugely popular tik tok videos.

Faisal always wanted to be an actor and was able to achieve that dream through tik tok where he said his skills, the way he synced most of the songs and his attractive look made people love him instantly and have more of 20 million followers. With an income of over 14 crore per year, he is said to earn over Rs 50,000 per video on his social media pages. It derives most of its revenue from paid promotions and online endorsements.

He has also launched his line of perfumes, it is said to make over 10 lakhs in total, per month. Even after Tik tok was banned in India, Faisal managed to maintain his fame through Instagram videos. His car collection includes many insane cars, but his favorite is still his dream car, a Lamborghini.

Mr Faisu girlfriend

Despite being rumored with numerous co-stars and other social media influencers, Faisu has always kept a low profile about his love life. Despite all the secrecy, he was linked to Jannat Zubair and Jumana Khan, at some point in his career, as he actively worked with both of them.

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When asked what motivates him on a daily basis, he replied, “Faisu khud hi, kyuki dinbhar ka jo timing and content hai vo jab raat mein khatam hota hai toh vo issi motivation ke saath khatam hota hai ki aaj itna hai , kaal question bhi zyada hoga aur isse bhi zyada hard work ke saath hoga. (Myself, because when a piece of content I schedule throughout the day, when it’s finished at night, it ends with the thought that it will be even better tomorrow).