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Meet Savitri Jindal, India’s Richest Woman; Net worth: $17.7 billion

She never went to college and only took over her husband’s business after his death in 2005. Yet Savitri Jindal, the president of OP Jindal Group, added a crown on her pen while occupying the position of India’s richest woman. , having added $12 billion to his fortune in just two years. With a net worth of $18 billion, Savitri Jindal is the only woman on the Forbes India’s Richest list, ranking seventh in 2021. She also ranks 91st on the Forbes Billionaires list.

Savitri Jindal has seen her wealth triple more than three times in the past two years, from around $4.8 billion in 2020 to $17.7 billion in 2022. From 2019 to 2020, Jindal’s fortune has dropped by 50% over the two years. Her net worth has increased from $8.8 billion in 2018 to $5.9 billion in 2019 and $4.8 billion in 2020. But over the past two years, Savitri Jindal has made an amazing comeback with its leadership in the steel giant.

The business mogul has an exceptional story to tell the world. She never got to go to college, but didn’t let her education stand in the way of her business success. Under the leadership of the matriarch of the Jindal family, the OP Jindal group saw its turnover quadruple. And it was done in just a few years, after her husband, Om Prakash Jindal, died in a helicopter crash in 2005.

Om Prakash Jindal has passed away at the age of 55. From then on, Savitri Jindal took over all the business responsibilities that her husband had, regardless of his age, which was for most others a time to retire and get up. It was a 360-degree change for group president OP Jindal, who was a mother and wife, known for saying the women in her family don’t venture out. “We stay in charge of the house while the men take care of everything outside,” she said in an interview with Forbes.

But the death of OP Jindal was the turning point for Savitri, who not only ventured out of the house but also became the richest woman in her country. In the list of the richest women in India compiled by Forbes, Kiran Mazumdar and Crishna Godrej follow her at the second and third positions respectively.

A mother of nine, Savitri Jindal has four sons with OP Jindal – Prithviraj, Sajjan, Ratan and Naveen Jindal. After her husband’s death, the group companies were divided among the four sons, with Sajjan Jindal taking over the largest assets, including JSW Steel.

Born in Tinsukia in Assam in 1950, Savitri Jindal also boasts of a political career, aside from business. OP Jindal was a government minister of Haryana and a member of Haryana Vidhan Sabha from Hisar constituency, and after her death Savitri Jindal was elected to Haryana Vidhan Sabha from Hisar constituency in 2005. She is now a member of the Indian National Congress.

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