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Katie Price’s net worth and debt after bankruptcy and years of failing businesses

From a net worth of £45million to a potential prison sentence, the former glamor model has seen her financial fortunes take a nose dive as modeling and TV opportunities dry up

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Katie Price promotes OnlyFans content with Hannah Elizabeth

Katie Price was once said to be worth £45m after a successful modeling and reality TV career.

But years of financial mismanagement, drying up job opportunities and a string of divorces have seen the 44-year-old’s wealth plummet, with the possibility of a third bankruptcy hearing still looming.

The glamorous model, formerly known as Jordan, will appear in court for sentencing today (June 24) after admitting breaching a restraining order against her ex-husband’s fiancé.

Here we look back at what happened to the mother-of-five’s money as she faces the prospect of being put behind bars.

Katie Price’s net worth

Katie Price is due in court today for sentencing after admitting breaching a restraining order


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The media personality, once famous for her enlarged breasts, is now thought to be worth less than £1million, with bankruptcy hearings revealing the true state of her finances.

In December 2019, Katie was declared bankrupt for a year and agreed to pay creditors £12,000 a month to get out of debt, but the plan fell through.

She was back at a bankruptcy hearing in July 2020, confirming in court that she was living in rented accommodation costing £4,200 a month.

In January 2022, the model – who burst onto the scene in the 90s as a girl for The Sun – narrowly avoided another embarrassing court appearance by paying £7,350 in fines dating back three years.

And although the 2020 court was told she had been earning £45,000 a month for the past six months, she now owes an astonishing £3.2million to her creditors.

The former singer has apparently avoided bankruptcy proceedings for the third time this year, her date before a judge over debts reportedly being moved to February 2023.

Her solicitor Joe Harrington said Katie’s finances were ‘disorganized and chaotic’, as an unpaid £7.50 toll at Dart Crossing turned into a £1,400 debt because she didn’t s ‘m not busy with it in time.

How did Katie Price lose her money?

Troubled star Katie Price is currently awaiting another bankruptcy hearing



Legal fees, lost TV opportunities and expensive habits have all hurt the celeb’s bank balance.

Some of Price’s most lucrative TV deals – such as his on-the-fly documentary series including Katie Price: My Crazy Life – which brought him some serious money have dropped over the years, as it is believed that her modeling opportunities came to an end in 2018.

Her line of jewelry and other beauty products isn’t bringing in the same income as it used to, but she’s trying new ways to make money, including setting up a tell-all OnlyFans account.

Katie Price’s Expensive Taste

In 2019 The Sun reported that Price was spending £25,000 a year on plastic surgery, £12,000 a year on hair extensions and £1,500 a fortnight on manicures. She is also reportedly spending hundreds of pounds a month on massages, make-up and anti-aging treatments.

Price also funneled large sums into his planned farm. The Sun reported that she invested £190,000 in equipment for the setup she bought for her then-husband Kieran Hayler, who worked there full-time.

Katie Price has expensive tastes, including outfitting her Bentleys and Land Rovers in pink


Price sadly collected a fleet of pink vehicles, including Bentleys and Land Rovers, but as her financial situation worsened she was forced to sell many of her cars, along with her menagerie of horses and llamas.

Three divorces – from pop star Peter Andre, Alex Reid and Kieran – haven’t helped her situation.

She found herself in subsequent years in trouble with HMRC over unpaid taxes and three years ago was ordered to pay £150,000 in court costs to ex-husband Alex after being charged with showing people an intimate tape of him while she was filming Celebrity Big Brother.

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