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Inside Karl Urban’s Impressive Net Worth

People have seen the face of Karl Urban in major works over the years. Of star trek to his brief role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he made a name for himself. Fans can also see his acting range in a few of his recent projects.

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Thanks to his talent, Urban has accumulated significant wealth throughout his long career. Some people are curious to know what his net worth is. They may not be surprised to know that it is millions.

Karl Urban is worth millions

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Over the years, Urban has earned over 50 acting credits. Many of them came from roles that brought him immense popularity. Since he has participated in several successful projects, it is not surprising that he has considerable wealth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Urban’s estimated net worth is $20 million as of 2022. However, the actor’s annual salary is unclear. Also, there are not many reports about how much he has earned from his recent gigs.

Urban’s current source of income appears to be from the hit show The boys on Amazon Prime. He is part of the main cast as Billy Butcher and he will be returning for the upcoming fourth season. While his per-episode salary is unknown, the show’s popularity is likely earning him some hefty checks.

Urban also has a few upcoming projects. He recently finished filming Black water transit which will be released in 2023. With such success in the industry, the actor could continue to grow his net worth.

Karl Urban derives his wealth from acting

Urban earns most of his money playing, which he started doing when he was 8 years old. His early career focused on television shows, but he did a few film roles. It wasn’t long before his career began to develop in the 90s, and he soon took on bigger projects.

During the 2000s, Urban’s fame grew when he landed a role in the the Lord of the Rings trilogy. According to IMDb, he first appeared in the second film and reportedly got a $400,000 bonus. However, the fantasy adaptation wasn’t the only well-known franchise that made him big money.

The star trek the reboot films told the stories of beloved characters and Urban portrayed Bones. He played the doctor for all three films, it has not been confirmed if he will be in the next installment.

At the moment, Urban is still earning paychecks on several recent projects. For example, it appeared in The beast from the sea like Jacob. He also plays a character in ARK: The Animated Series.

Karl Urban doesn’t live too lavish a lifestyle

Some of Urban’s money went to a home gym. According to Men’s Journal, the actor revealed that he built a custom gym at his home. He bought equipment like a Smith machine and a treadmill. He also has a leg press in his setup.

The home gym is primarily used to help Urban prepare for his roles. For The boys, he wanted to focus on his leg work and add some thickening to his back. He made sure to put in a lot of effort for the character.

Other ways Urban spends his money likely include his fishing trips. He revealed that he loves the outdoors and enjoys fishing when he can. Some of the equipment he would need to purchase is a fishing rod, lure, and bait. Not to mention he has a boat he uses.

There isn’t much information on how Urban spends its money. Still, he can undoubtedly afford quality gifts for his family.

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