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How much does KSI earn from TikTok? YouTuber’s net worth revealed as he shares social media earnings

Olajide “KSI” enjoys a massive online following on a number of social media platforms and is widely hailed as one of the UK’s most prominent influencers.

The Briton has donned many hats throughout his life, but he’s still primarily recognized for his endeavors on YouTube, where he got his humble start posting his FIFA gameplay. Since his debut in 2009, the 28-year-old has amassed over 39 million subscribers on his two YouTube channels.

Fame naturally followed him on his other social media accounts as well. KSI has an impressive 11.3 million followers on Instagram, closely followed by TikTok, where he has amassed 9.2 million followers.

In an episode of the ‘Sidecast’ podcast, the rapper recently revealed how much he earns from his content on the viral short-form media platform, which seems disproportionately low compared to his large audience.

KSI discusses its TikTok earnings

Although KSI does not rank among the highest paid TikTok creators, one would assume that with 9.2 million followers, he would earn a large sum. However, the rapper debunked this illusion in the latest episode of the podcast hosted by his group of friends the “Sidemen”, revealing that his income from the app was far from profitable.

Listing his stats, he said:

“9.2 million followers. 70 million likes. Over 100 million, maybe over 200 million views. Guess how much I earned?”

Podcast co-hosts Simon ‘Miniminter’ Minter and Tobi ‘TBJZL’ Brown originally underestimated the figure, throwing out wild guesses of £1100 (increased to £1600) and £2100. KSI was surprised by their estimates, informing them that they were “a little low”.

The influencer revealed that his actual earnings from the app were £3,000 ($3,789.40), a figure that seems very dissonant with his prolific profile. His friends were of the same opinion, exclaiming that he was “crazy” for “the number of views he gets”.

Brown commented on the plight of content creators who solely depend on TikTok and invest their money there. Miniminter chimed in, claiming that’s precisely why they “sh*t out TikToks”, posting nearly 5 a day, when KSI had only posted 40-50 in total.

The YouTuber added:

“That’s just how they have to do it. And then eventually, slowly, they move on to YouTube so that when they start making real money, they live!”

That’s what I’ve earned from the TikTok Creator Fund since April 2021 with over 25 million views in that timeTikTok as a platform for creators has a lot of potential but I agree with @hankgreen that they really need to sort out their revenue sharing ►

This glaring disparity between views and the money they generate exposes TikTok’s abusive payment policy. The boxer isn’t the first to talk about getting put down by the platform.

In January, YouTube celebrity Jimmy “MrBeast” also shed some light on his earnings on the platform, saying that despite over a “billion” views, he only received $14,910.92.

Although KSI boasts an estimated net worth of £12-16 million ($15-20 million) from his YouTube, rap and boxing careers, not all content creators have such diverse portfolios. .

Several other creators have criticized how the Creator Fund and TikTok’s revenue sharing system severely underpay their creators, jeopardizing their financial stability if it was their only source of income.

Hank Green also explained this problem in detail in his YouTube video titled “So…TikTok Sucks”, which struck a chord with the thousands of creators living in this reality.

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