Net revenue

House of Candy Achieves Highest Net Sales Through Dec 21, Prepares For Merchandising Foray

Since its inception in 2014, House of Candy has grown the hitherto untapped candy and confectionery industry with an unmatched value proposition.

Due to constant innovation strategies and expansion plans for products such as Candy Cane specially organized for Christmas, the brand has seen unprecedented net income growth of Rs 19 crore, breaking all previous records.

Even with the setbacks caused by the pandemic, House of Candy, India’s leader in mouth-watering chocolates and chocolate-free candies, has seen a remarkable growth pattern. Started with a single kiosk at DLF Mall Saket 7 years ago, the brand successfully inaugurated 30 additional stores / kiosks in 2021, ten of which are owned by steadfast franchises. It has also opened more than 200 Shop in Shop (SIS) outlets since its inception.

Additionally, House of Candy’s online presence has grown exponentially and the brand has seen an 80% increase in online sales and increased point of sale (POS).

In this context, after having invested seven years in the distribution of sweets coupled with triumphant returns, the brand is now ready to venture into the field of merchandising with two unparalleled products: Mystique Lunch Box and Crafty Pencil Pouch.

Sameer Bhatia, Founder and Managing Director of House of Candy, said: “It is with immense pleasure, confidence and sincere gratitude that we prepare for our next venture in the merchandising segment. So far, we have deepened the candy distribution industry and focused on expanding and quality of innovative products like never before.

“We have decided to take a new step and increase the awareness of our SKU and our brand by entering the merchandising segment. If you look closely, our engaging merchandising options are as creative and delicious as our candies. We aim to give our customers a trip down memory lane and refresh their childhood memories with our new Mystique lunchbox and Crafty pencil case, ”he added.

Kanu Priya Sharma, Co-Founder of House of Candy added, “For the lunchbox, we have strategically chosen Tupperware as our product partner because they are renowned for maintaining 100 percent trust, reliability and product quality. . . Our mission has always been to make life sweeter and more spellbinding, and this new endeavor is very much in line with our final mission. “

The lunch box is integrated with an oval Tupperware container and two waterproof rings. Combined with hues of yellow and red, these lunch boxes are visually appealing and keep meals inside warm and cool for consumption. Perfect for school champions, students, and even office executives looking to keep the lunch atmosphere light and creative, these lunch boxes come packaged in adorable printed bags accompanied by biodegradable plastic containers. Overall, House of Candy’s Mystical Lunchbox makes dining with friends or colleagues even more exciting and fun.

On the other hand, the epitome of fine art prints, the Crafty Pencil Pouch, is ideal for storing stationery like pencils and craft supplies. Sleekly designed, this cutting-edge product can be carried by schoolchildren, college students, and even office workers to keep their basic stationery neatly organized.

An absolutely lightweight product, this pouch is extremely durable, dust and scratch resistant, and comes with strong, easy-to-use zippers, making it perfect for convenient everyday use. The pouch, priced at just Rs 250, will safely hold your creative gear and arm you with weapons to win the world through art and vision.

It is relevant to note that until 2022 the candy industry is expected to grow at the rate of 2.8% for chocolates and 3.7% for candies without chocolate. Given the remarkable growth trajectory of the candy industry, House of Candy expects a staggering development in the coming years and plans to open a minimum of 50 additional stores over the next 6 months.