Net worth

Group leader The richest member?

TWICE Jihyo is one of the responsible people who made their group one of the richest K-pop groups today. In the top five, the nine-member act ranks fourth with their collective net worth of $35 million.

Reports say that’s no surprise given that the all-female “superstar” act has continued to focus on group activities and musical productions. Since their debut in 2015, they have already released 24 albums.

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TWICE Jihyo is not the richest member

Although TWICE is, indeed, one of the richest K-pop groups to date, the members are not among the richest idols today. As explained, the nine artists apparently rarely do promotions and solo activities.

Group leader Jihyo is worth around $1.5 million, according to Kpop Starz. This already includes all its income from its own activities outside the group.

This puts her on par with the respective net worth of some other members. Only two idols in the group have a much higher net worth, and they are Sana and Tzuyu, with the former being the richest member.

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How she amassed her millions explained

Korea portal Previously reported that Jihyo struck several deals with labels and brands, like skincare professional Innisfree, before his official debut in 2015. These deals have earned him significant sums in his career.

The TWICE frontman also became the face of The Body Shop brand’s “share campaign.” Reports indicated that this marked his first solo endorsement deal since joining the group under JYP Entertainment.

Apart from her solo contracts, Jihyo also got some of her wealth as a lyricist. She has talent in her, which led to her becoming one of the members with “the most songwriting credits” in the group.

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About Jihyo’s K-pop career

Jihyo had the longest training period of the group. She was a trainee at JYP Entertainment for about a decade, according to Channel-Korea.

As noted, she was only in her third year when she joined the agency. She even participated in various competitions at a young age.

She was supposed to make her debut sometime before competing in SIXTEEN and become a member of TWICE. But, he was unsuccessful for undisclosed reasons.

Jihyo officially debuted as a leader and member of TWICE in 2015.

Watch this space for more TWICE Jihyo news.

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