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George RR Martin’s net worth in 2021

George Raymond Richard Martin, or better known as George RR Martin, is an American novelist, screenwriter, television producer and short story writer. He is the author of the epic fantasy novel series “A Song of Ice and Fire”, which was adapted into the Emmy Award winning series Game of Thrones. In this article, we’ll take a look at George RR Martin’s net worth in 2021.

George RR Martin’s Net worth in 2021 (estimate): $ 120 million

George RR Martin Net Worth, George RR Martin

George RR Martin’s net worth in 2021 is valued at $ 120 million. This is according to several reputable outlets such as Celebrity Net Worth.

George Raymond Martin was born September 20, 1948 in Bayonne, New Jersey. Martin came from a once wealthy family, as his mother’s family owned a successful construction business, but they lost everything during the Great Depression.

During his childhood, Martin’s world consisted mainly of “First Street to Fifth Street,” the location of his home and elementary school. This limited world made him want to travel and explore other places, but that was only possible at that time thanks to his imagination. Because of this, he became an avid reader which helped him expand his imagination.

Martin then began writing and selling monster stories to other neighborhood kids, which also included dramatic readings.

He attended Marist High School where he became a big fan of comics by developing a keen interest in superheroes published by Marvel Comics. He even credited the late Stan Lee as one of his greatest literary influences.

“Maybe Stan Lee is the biggest literary influence on me, even more than Shakespeare or Tolkien.” Martin said.

He bought the first ticket to the world’s very first Comic-con which was held in New York in 1964. The following year, the comic book fandom awarded him the Alley Award for best fan fiction for his superhero story “Powerman vs. The Blue Barrier”.

In 1970, Martin received a bachelor’s degree in journalism and graduated with honors from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. He then obtained his Master of Science in Journalism in 1971.

Martin was eligible for conscription during the Vietnam War, but he applied for and received conscientious objector status, which allowed him to do alternative service work instead. He was a VISTA volunteer for two years with the Cook County Legal Assistance Foundation.

In the mid-1970s, George RR Martin met George Guthridge at a science fiction convention. He then persuaded Guthridge to write in the field of speculative fiction, which he found success in winning several awards for his work.

In turn, Guthridge helped Martin get a job at Clarke University (then Clarke College) as a professor of English and journalism. He also became Clarke’s writer in residence from 1978 to 1979.

Although he enjoys teaching, the death of his close friend and fellow author Tom Reamy prompted Martin to re-evaluate his life and decided him to become a full-time writer. When his wife graduated from Clarke in 1979, he quit her job and he and his wife moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico.

George RR Martin started selling news professionally in 1970 at the age of 21. Its first sale was titled “The Hero”, and it was sold and published by Galaxy Magazine.

The sales of her news brought her a profit, but that was not enough to pay the bills. Due to the craze for American chess at the time and Martin’s chess skills and knowledge, he was hired to be a tournament director for the Continental Chess Association. This new job gave him another source of income, and tournaments were only held on weekends, so he had time to work as a writer on weekdays.

In 1982 Martin published a vampire novel titled “Fevre Dream” which is set in the 19e century on the Mississippi River. Unlike traditional vampire novels, her version is not made up of supernatural creatures but of a different human species who evolved to have supernatural powers.

Fevre Dream was critically acclaimed and he followed it up with another horror novel titled “The Armageddon Rag”. Unfortunately, it was a commercial failure and Martin said “it basically destroyed my career as a novelist at the time.”

Despite the failure of The Armageddon Rag, Martin still received an offer from Hollywood producer Philip DeGuere Jr. that he wanted to adapt the novel to film. The film adaptation didn’t materialize, but the two stayed in touch and DuGuere offered Martin a job as a writer for the Twilight Zone rebirth.

Martin then moved to Hollywood to pursue a new career where he was editor, executive history consultant and co-chief producer on shows like The Twilight Zone, Max Headroom and Beauty and the Beast.

In 1991, Martin returned to writing novels as he became frustrated that his pilots and TV scripts weren’t made, and that TV-related production limitations such as budget and episode length, the force to cut characters and other plots.

He then began to write an epic fantasy series called “A Song of Ice and Fire”. The epic was inspired by the Wars of the Roses and the novels Les rois maudits and Ivanhoé. Martin had originally planned three volumes, it is currently planned to have seven.

The first was released in 1996 under the title “A Game of Thrones”. It was followed by “A Clash of Kings” in 1998 and “A Storm of Swords” in 2000. The fourth opus titled “A Feast for Crows” became The New York Times No. 1 in sales in November 2005. It The same was true for the fifth installment titled “A Dance with Dragons” which was released on July 12, 2011 – the novel won the Locus Poll award for best fantasy novel.

Two more novels are planned in the series, “The Winter Winds and” A Spring Dream “. Former collaborators have said they won’t wrap the A Song of Ice and Fire series for him if Martin died before he finished it.

On November 20, 2018, George RR Martin released his new book titled “Fire & Blood”, which explores the history of House Targaryen.

In 2007, HBO Productions purchased the television rights to the A Song of Ice and Fire series. It premiered on April 17, 2011, titled “Game of Thrones”. It aired weekly for ten one-hour episodes, and George RR Martin was heavily involved in the production of the TV adaptation of his series as well as the writing of the screenplay.

The series ran for 8 seasons and ended in 2019. Game of Thrones won numerous awards during its broadcast, including 59 Emmy Awards (a record for the total number of Emmy wins for a scripted TV series) , 8 Screen Actors Guild Awards and a Peabody Award.

Martin continues to lend a hand by producing. He signed a global deal with HBO in March 2021 as he prepares to produce a few new adaptations for HBO. He also contributed to an upcoming video game called “Elden Ring”.

Apart from that, Martin also has a blog titled “Not A Blog” which was previously published in LiveJournal but has since moved into its own website.

George RR Martin is also a fan of the NFL New York Jets and New York Giants teams, as well as the MLB New York Mets team.

Many are still waiting for the sixth and seventh volumes of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, as well as its upcoming projects.

That being said, the journey he’s been through and the critical success he’s achieved, are you surprised at George RR Martin’s net worth in 2021?

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