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The boundary-pushing, important, and controversial animated television series South Park made Trey Parker a household name as a voice actor, writer, and director.

The writer went on to produce one of the funniest and weirdest TV shows of all time, as well as the hit comedy movie Team America: World Police, demonstrating a propensity for weird concepts and artistic design even further. stranger.

As the co-creator of one of the most well-known Broadway musicals in history, The Book of Mormon, Parker is also a well-known musician who composed the majority of the South Park soundtrack. He even received several Tony Awards for this work.

young life

On October 19, 1969, in Colorado, Randolph Severn “Trey” Parker III was born. Parker is the son of Randy, a geologist, and Sharon, an insurance broker.

In addition to creating the sets for the community theater production “Little Shop of Horrors”, he also appeared in “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”. He attended Berklee College of Music after graduating from Evergreen High School.

Net worth of Trey Parker

Trey Parker has a net worth of $600 million. The Comedy Central blockbuster hit franchise property “South Park,” which premiered in 1997, was co-created by college friend and classmate Trey and Matt Stone.

With “Team America: World Police”, “Orgazmo”, “BASEketball”, “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut” and “Cannibal! The Musical,” the pair also collaborated on the Comedy Central series “That’s My Bush! (2001) and the web comedy “Sassy Justice” (2020-present).

The Broadway musical “Book of Mormon” was co-written by Matt and Trey; it has received nine Tony Awards and amassed more than $500 million in revenue from ticket sales alone.

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While still in college, Parker and Matt Stone began producing animated films. Construction paper, glue, and an old film camera were all they needed to create “Jesus vs. Frosty.” In 1992, a student film festival hosted the film’s world premiere.

They produced another animated movie in 1995 called “Jesus vs. Santa Claus”. The exploits of the four boys served as the central theme of the story.

In 1997, the television network Comedy Central launched the animated sitcom “South Park” for adults. The program gained notoriety for its foul language, sexual content, and dark humor that catered to mature audiences. The program has become one of the most popular on the network.

Net worth of Trey Parker

The duo co-wrote and produced a feature film based on the show once “South Park” became a commercial success. In 1999, the musical comedy film “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut” was released.

The Book of Mormon is a theatrical performance that debuted in 2011, written and composed by Parker & Stone alongside Robert Lopez. It is a theological satire.

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Appointments and awards

Parker received an Academy Award nomination for “Blame Canada” from “South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut” for Best Music, Original Song and “The Book of Mormon” won nine Tony Awards, including Best Musical, The Best Book of a Musical, and Best Original Score.

Along with accolades from the Drama Desk Awards and Outer Critics Circle Awards, the musical also earned Trey a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album.

He had 18 Primetime Emmy nominations for “South Park,” and the show won three times for Outstanding Animated Program (for Programming Under One Hour), Outstanding Animated Program (for programming of one hour or more) and the exceptional animation program (In 2013).

Additionally, “South Park” won the Parker PGA Awards, the CableACE Awards for “Animated Programming Special or Series”, the Online Film & Television Association Awards for “Best Voiceover Performance”, and the Annie Awards for “Writing in an Animated Television or Series”. Other Broadcast Location Production” (Television’s Most Promising Producer).

For the video game “South Park: The Stick of Truth”, he received the NAVGTR Awards for Writing in a Comedy and Performance in a Comedy, Supporting. It also won awards from the Chicago Film Critics Association for Best Original Score, the MTV Movie Award for Best Musical Performance, the Los Angeles Film Critics Association for Best Music, and the Online Film & Television Association for Best music, original music for “South Parc: Bigger, Longer and Uncut.”

Trey won the Los Angeles Film Critics Association’s Best Animation Award and the Florida Film Festival’s Best Short Film People’s Choice Award in 1997 for “The Spirit of Christmas.” The Maverick Filmmakers Award was presented to Parker and Stone at the Santa Monica Film Festival in 2003.

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Private life

Net worth of Trey Parker

In January 2006, Trey married Emma Sugiyama, and actor-producer Norman Lear officiated the ceremony. After divorcing in 2008, Parker married Boogie Tillmon in April 2014 and became stepfather to son Kobe.

Betty, who portrayed Ike Broflovski and the PC Babies in “South Park,” was born to Trey and Boogie in 2013. In March 2019, Trey filed for divorce, seeking shared legal and physical custody of Betty after Parker split. and Tillmon in February.

In their work, Parker and Stone are renowned for shedding light on religion, and Trey said, “I find all religions to be quite humorous. I am unable to make sense of the story of Jesus. God sent the only begotten Son that He had.

Why should God die and why could he only have one son? In short, the writing is poor. And it gets extremely bad around the second act.