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Erik Conover Net Worth 2022 – Luxury Real Estate YouTuber

Erik Conover is a YouTuber who shares his adventurous lifestyle with his viewers. Besides his documented travels around the world, Erik’s channel is known for his series of videos featuring luxury homes listed on the market. He was once a broker for Nest Seekers. Now, as a full-time content creator, Erik Conover has a net worth of $2 million.


Conover was born on October 21, 1989 in Pomona, New Jersey. He is of Caucasian descent, but little is known about his family. Erik went to a local high school in his hometown.

For college, the young man went to Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. He studied communication and media, obtaining his bachelor’s degree in 2013.

After finishing college, he leaves for New York in hopes of joining the entertainment industry. He sought out acting gigs, but to pay his living expenses he had to work several low-paying jobs.

YouTube career

The budding actor experimented with various jobs before discovering the opportunity to start a YouTube channel. Erik started uploading vlogs of his daily life in 2016.

His account started popping up when he shared his first travel vlog. Soon after, he focused more on filming his adventures. From time to time, he also uploads videos about his workout routines.

Perhaps his most popular exercise video is the one where he worked out and ate like Chris Hemsworth. He also had the chance to meet Hemsworth and train with the actor’s personal trainer. Currently, Conover’s eponymous channel has 1.95 million subscribers.

Luxury Ads

Besides his travel and health vlogs, Erik gained fame by doing an apartment tour in his small living space in New York City. This upload became one of his most watched videos and caught the eye of famed realtor Ryan Serhant.

Serhant gave Erik access to million-dollar properties, and that sparked the idea for Conover’s real estate promotion series titled Luxury Listings. This is one of the main factors that earned it YouTube’s golden play button.

After his real estate videos became a hit, Erik Conover landed a job as a broker with Nest Seekers International. However, he left the business brokerage firm in 2021. Despite this, he continues to upload videos to his Luxury Listings series.

Net worth and earnings

Realtors earn around $49,000 per year. But after leaving Nest Seeker, Conover’s source of income was mostly dependent on YouTube. He is expected to make $2,000 a day, or $730,000 a year, from his advertising revenue.

He supplements his earnings with brand endorsements from companies like Macy’s, Rado, Jack Black, Sony, Volvo, American Air and others. He is also likely to earn a percentage if the homes he features in his videos are sold. With this, his fortune is estimated at $2 million.

Private life

Erik once dated another YouTuber named Jessica Clements. He struck up a more high-profile relationship with social media manager Hanna Coleman. Erik and Hanna got engaged, but they eventually broke up. Conover is now a single man.