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Chunkz Net Worth 2022 – Best of North London

Amin Mohammed, better known by his stage name Chunkz, is a YouTuber and host with a net worth of £350,000. Big Shaq’s 2017 viral song “Man’s Not Hot” featured him as Asznee, and he shot to fame as a result of it. But after retiring from music, he focused on other things in his life and career.


In 1996, Amin was born into a Somali Muslim household in the North West area of ​​London. As the youngest of five siblings, his parents were actively involved in his upbringing.

His family always supported him as he grew up with a keen interest in music, rap and cinema. He decided he wanted to entertain others since he was a kid.

The 25-year-old’s inspirations include Poet, David Vujanic and KSI, who he worked with later in his career as a content creator. Chunkz was featured in a video by the Sidemen, a YouTube group of which KSI is a core member.

Rise to Glory

In Big Shaq’s 2017 music video “Man’s Not Hot”, Mohammed played the role of Asznee. The song is very fun to listen to, so it quickly became a hit. Now it has garnered 398 million views.

He and Michael Dapaah helped train ticket retailer Trainline launch a voice app for the Google Assistant in March 2018 to help plan train routes. He and Yung Filly released their first rap track and music video, “Clean Up,” in March 2020.

With 2.7 million Instagram followers and 2.11 million YouTube subscribers, the social media star has a loyal following that helped him win the Somali International Award Best Artist.

withdraw from music

Due to his religious beliefs, Chunkz declared his retirement from music in May 2021. He stated in a video that music and the life that goes with it does not align with his spiritual beliefs.

Of course, he expected a lot of backlash from this announcement. But to his surprise, most fan reactions were positive. His choice was well received on Twitter and many of his followers supported him.

Sources of income

Even after quitting music, Chunkz is still doing well financially. He makes money from sponsorships, promoting his own products, and his YouTube earnings. He is also co-host of #SaturdaySocial and The Aphetor Games.

Pranks, vlogs, cooking, dares and rap battles are some of the things he does on his channel. In 2019, he joined Sharky, AJ Shabeel, Kenny and Niko Omilana, to form the Beta Squad. Studio71 Network, a media company, has exclusive rights to all group members.

Private life

Along with four of his Beta Squad mates, he currently lives in a $5 million mansion in England. Amin was able to see his following grow even more in ownership, allowing him to become a well-known influencer.

Chunkz is also on a continuous journey to stay in shape. He has lost 42 pounds and is in the best shape of his life since June 2020. Over the past 18 months he has become fitter, stronger and leaner so his workout routine has changed accordingly.