Net revenue

CENTA plans to partner with TISS and aims to record net income of Rs 15.56 crore in FY23

The Center for Teacher Accreditation (CENTA) teacher education platform plans to collaborate with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) to upskill teachers with the rollout of credited courses, said Ramya Venkataraman, CEO, founder of CENTA at FE Education. By FY23, the company aims to close its net sales worth Rs 15.56 crore ($two million). However, he declined to provide exact earnings for FY22.

Regulatory files viewed by business intelligence platform Tofler revealed that CENTA’s operating revenue fell by 0.32% to Rs 1.802 crore in FY21 from Rs 1.808 crore during the same period of the previous year. The company’s net loss decreased by 14.46% to Rs 9.82 lakh in FY21 from Rs 1.14 crore in FY20. “We have started the right path of monetization very recently. Our main objective is revenue growth. Initially, the company plans to invest mainly in marketing and has other major investment projects later in the year. exercise 23,” she added.

CENTA says active users grew 10x to 80,000 in FY22 from 8,000 in FY21. The company aims to reach four lakh active users in FY23 Currently, the platform claims to have a user base of seven lakh teachers and expects it to grow by 185.71% to 20 lakh by the end of FY23. subscriptions to individuals and working with schools, edtech and state governments. “Collaborations with schools, government, and edtech are primarily for assessment purposes under which institutions recognize CENTA-certified teachers,” Venkataraman explained.

The company claims to run three verticals, which include teacher education, teacher certification, and competency-based training. “The low-cost products range from Rs 300 to Rs 8,000 which includes course-based training, CENTA Teaching Quotient (TQ) and other learning content. For high priced products, prices range from Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000 which includes Postgraduate Certificate Programs, School Leadership Programs, Early Childhood Educator Programs,” Venkataraman noted.

Currently, the company claims to have partnered with approximately 11,000 schools, 10 educational technology companies, and eight state governments. According to the company, in April 2022, Haryana approved CENTA certification for the selection of government teachers in the state.

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