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Brendan Schaub Net Worth 2022: UFC Fighter Turned Comedian

Brendan Schaub is a podcaster, comedian, and former MMA fighter with a net worth of $3 million. Also, says “Big Brown,” some career paths are stranger than others. That certainly was the case for Brendan Schaub, who started his journey as an athlete, moving through the NFL and an MMA career before becoming a comedian.


His path began in Aurora Colorado in 1983, when he was born to parents of German, Italian and English descent.

The athletic side of Schaub’s career got off to an unlikely start. He didn’t get any scholarship offers, so he ended up playing lacrosse and football at Whittier College, which is definitely not a powerhouse in either sport.

But the Buffalo Bills saw some potential, so they signed Schaub to their practice squad. Schaub’s NFL career may have been brief and lackluster, but his MMA career was more illustrious.


He won his first UFC fight with Demico Rogers and then went all the way to the title fight, which he ended up losing. His MMA career lasted until 2015, when he announced his retirement over the Joe Rogan experience after admitting he had likely suffered severe head trauma after taking beatings on the court and in the octagon. . Supposedly, it was Rogan himself who convinced Schaub to retire.

Transition to comedy

From there, Schaub moved into comedy, where he showed the same kind of flamboyance and flair that stood out during his MMA days. He started with a successful podcast, hosting “The Fighter and the Kid” with Bryan Callen from 2014, and he also has a solo podcast gig titled “Below the Belt.”

Schaub used his podcast gigs as a base to climb the comedy ladder, and he also got involved in acting.

He made his film debut in 2016 in the movie “Range 15,” and Showtime had him do fight commentary during the memorable Mayweather vs. McGregor boxing showdown.

Additionally, he has worked for E! Entertainment hosting a variety of after-shows, indulging in the Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys, and Grammy Awards. His second film appearance came in 2020 when he appeared in “The Tax Collector.”

Private life

He also has more than a little success in the dating and marriage world. He had a brief romance with former MMA star Ronda Rousey, after which Schaub claimed he was “too much for her” because Rousey preferred “yes men”.

Schaub seems to have settled in though, and this part of his life seems to be falling into place quite well. He is currently engaged to longtime girlfriend Joanna Zanella, and they have a son born in 2016.

Zanella has something of an acting career, having starred in TV series like ‘Sleeping Dogs Lie’, ‘Reality Terror Night’ and ‘Sin Verguenza’.

They’ve become something of a power couple, which is understandable considering Schaub’s net worth is $3 million, and Zanella no doubt has a healthy income stream. The sky seems to be the limit for Brendan Schaub, provided all that head trauma doesn’t catch up with him anytime soon.